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Live tracking takes off in May.

Adventure Enablers' live tracking wing, Enabled Tracking, has experienced a significant increase in demand for its services in the first half of 2023. Over 12 events are utilizing the service for logistics, participant safety, online engagement, and sponsor exposure. The events using the service vary from adventure races, ultra runs, gravel rides, expeditions, and FKT attempts.

According to Mark Harris, the owner of Enabled Tracking, the low cost of hardware rentals and the simplicity of the tracking portal make their service the go-to place for tracking. Their cell-based trackers are reliable, have excellent battery life, and are a lower-cost

solution than some satellite-based tracking platforms. However, in areas with limited cell service, they also have a great relationship with providers of Garmin trackers that can track anywhere on Earth. These devices integrate directly with their tracking platform and can be combined with cell trackers to provide higher-fidelity tracking. The two devices provide a backup for each other.

Several May events, including The Cowpie EX Adventure, The Mission AR, Empire State Trail Run, Massanutten 100 Ultra, Jersey Gravel Grinder, Ridgeview Classic School Senior Expedition, Expedition Canada, The Rib Mountain Adventure Challenge, and the 50 U.S. State Summits Speed Record will have live tracking services provided by Enabled Tracking. For more information on tracking events and links to live tracking pages, visit the Adventure Enablers website at Any questions regarding event tracking can be sent to


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