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How will you use your GPS device at the Shenandoah Epic?


Put my watch in AR mode and seal my phone in a bag. I don’t need a stinking GPS device. I eat bearings and distances for breakfast. I am a legend in my own right when it comes to finding the way with a map and compass. I hope your batteries die, your screens crack, and the satellites fall from the sky. Bring on the extra competition…I’ll eat you for breakfast, too.


I know the AR game and I am proficient in all the disciplines, but I’ve never made it to the podium. I am highly competitive and want to crush the course like I crush rock gardens, dense rhodo, and steep terrain. I have all my gear ready to roll at a moment’s notice and now I have my GPS fully charged and packed, too. I am well practiced in uploading, downloading, and sideloading any map, KML file, GPX files, and GeoJson files, and every other format you want to throw at me. Bring it.


I am looking for every opportunity to improve my navigation skills and help me up my Adventure Racing game when it comes to using a map and compass. It’s great to have the opportunity to try a big difficult course with the knowledge that I have a GPS backup plan to help if I think my nav skills are a bit off. It will help me cover a lot more of the course and get much more compass navigation in without burning a ton of time on those few challenging points.


I have quite a few adventure races under my belt, but I am never the one with my head in the maps. I am hoping that using a GPS device gives me the opportunity to take on some lead navigation responsibility and bring some other folks onto my team without having to find someone to “show us” around the course.


I heard a bit about this adventure race thing, but I am totally intimidated by the navigation aspect. I am hoping that I can focus on all the other disciplines involved and get my head around biking, trekking, and paddling without being too stressed about getting lost in the woods. There is so much to learn about adventure racing, so I hope this helps me get my feet wet–and then I can try some courses with map and compass navigation.

Click here to find out more about the Shenandoah Epic and how you can sign up.


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