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GL300 Trackers


  • What can I use live tracking for?
    Live tracking is suitable for any event where you want to track participants' location and rank and score them on a leaderboard. Ultra runs, adventure races, enduro cycling events (both road and MTB), triathlons, and swim-run events are perfect for live tracking.
  • How long can my event be?
    Your event can be any distance or last any length of time. The only factor is battery life. Under normal use batteries last 6 days and can be extended with an external battery pack or by implementing a charging plan.
  • What is the coverage area of the trackers?
    The trackers use cellular networks to send data. If there is no coverage, the trackers continue to record tracking data and then send it to the tracking site when service is available again. Even if your course has limited coverage, the trackers will upload tracking information and update your leaderboard when they have service. The trackers use AT&T, T-Mobile service and Verizon, which has extensive coverage in the United States. Coverage details can be found here.
  • How many checkpoints can I have?
    Fifteen checkpoints are included with a normal rental. If you need additional checkpoints, we can generate a custom quote for your event.
  • Are the trackers waterproof?
    The trackers are water resistant but can be placed in a watertight bag to make them suitable for any application. Just let us know if your event requires a waterproof tracker, and we will provide the required waterproofing.
  • Can anyone follow the participants?
    Yes. Race staff, friends, family, referees, support crews, and sponsors can all see where participants are on the course. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection to view the event. Followers also can watch the dots from their smartphone web browser or our Open Tracking app. Additional options are available to make the leaderboard a fully interactive experience with racer shoutouts, bio information, and event and sponsor branding. If you want the page to be private, we can password protect it.
  • Do you use satellite communication for updates?
    No. The trackers communicate via cellular networks to upload updates. This helps keeps the cost of the tracking affordable and the size of the unit small. We can integrate satellite trackers and can help facilitate the rental of satellite tracking units. For most applications, the cellular network is more than adequate.
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