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With our cutting-edge technology, we offer tracking and timing services for various endurance events like running, biking, and adventure races, regardless of their size or duration. We provide options tailored to your event type and budget. Additionally, we provide event management and registration services, leveraging our expertise.

We have tracking partners in the UK, Ireland, Asia, and Australia.

Mark Harris -

Having grown up in the mountains of South Wales, UK, Mark has always had a passion for the outdoors. His family ran an outdoor education center where mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, caving, and other outdoor pursuits were a part of everyday life. After teaching climbing at a camp in Pennsylvania for two summers, Mark eventually moved to the United States. 

Mark has managed, directed, timed, and tracked endurance events for the past 15 years. He was the director for the Cameco Cowboy Tough, a 3.5-day expedition race series through Wyoming from 2012 to 2017, the Run & Ride half marathon race series held at multiple Cedar Fair amusement parks, and the Shenandoah Epic Adventure Weekend, one of the largest adventure racing events in the country, and 2017 AR World Champioships. He was the leader coodrinator for proving tracking services for Eco Challenge in 2019, and has tracked and timed 1000s of events all across the US.


Margo Harris - Communications Manager

While growing up as the youngest of five in Tennessee, Margo developed a love for adventure under the high-octane tutelage of her older brothers. While earning her Journalism & Mass Communication degree from UNC (Go Heels!), she worked as a summer camp counselor in the Poconos, where she first met her ropes course and climbing wall colleague and future husband up in a tree. After getting married, earning a masters in English from George Mason University, having two awesome kids, and working as a full-time and freelance editor, she took on her next adventure--becoming the Director of Communications for the family business. Margo thinks she may have found her calling--she loves seeing familiar faces at events, meeting the folks who've emailed with questions, getting to know first-time participants, and seeing racers achieve their goals and glow with pride. She also loves putting her journalistic skills to work keeping everyone informed in ALL the ways--website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, phone, you name it.

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