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The Host with the Most Is…

We’re super excited that Rev3 Adventure has been selected to host the USARA National Championship in 2016 in Columbia County, Georgia. It will be held in the same area as our upcoming Nov. 7-8 Bartram’s Wildwood Adventure Race Weekend (with Tenderfoot, Strong, and Epic-length races), so it’s kinda a perfect chance to get the lay of the land…and qualify.

Read more about Bartram’s Wildwood below, and check out the press release here.

Awesome Autumn Adventures

Fall Foliage Trail Series

Join the Fall Foliage Trail Series fun! We have two remaining venues for you to mountain bike, trail run, or both— October 17 at the Greens, and/or October 31 at Fountainhead.

Willowsford Tenderfoot Adventure Race

Adventure racing has tons to make you feel good—mountain biking, trail running, paddling, navigating, and accomplishments. We created the Tenderfoot series of races to encourage new participants to get out there and push themselves—and have fun with friends and family of any age! Click here to learn more about the October 18, 2015 beginner-friendly and super-fun Willowsford Tenderfoot Adventure Race.

Bartram’s Wildwood AR Series

The first-ever Bartram’s Wildwood Adventure Race series is coming up November 7-8 in Columbia County, Georgia. We’d love to have you join us for this inaugural event at a fabulous venue. It is one of the first qualifying events for the 2016 USARA National Championships and is a fabulous opportunity to cinch that qualification early on. PLUS—it’s held at the location of next year’s USARA championships (see related story above), so you can scout out the terrain. Choose your division—Tenderfoot (beginner, sprint-length), Strong (up to 12 hour), and Epic (26 hours)—and prepare for a good time in the woods! Learn more at

It's Not Too Early to Think About 2016...

Talk about a step in the right direction with those New Year’s resolutions! The 5K or 10K New Year's Day Resolution Trail Run is a perfect start to a healthy new year. Blaze a new trail for yourself in 2016. We can’t wait to see you there.

Would you like to volunteer at one of our events? Well, then, you rule. Along with a shirt and discounted race entries, you will have a great time hanging out with some generally pretty cool people—and cheering along some even cooler ones. If you’re in, either email us at and let us know your availability, or you can sign up online.

Thanks to a strong finish for two REV3Adventure teams at the North American Adventure Racing Series National Championship by Joe Brautigam, Jeffrey Woods, Fritjof Pameijer and Dustine Reppuhn, who finished 3rd overall, and Chris Meewes, Rachel Furman, and Dave Ashley, who finished 5th, we were able to have two teams represent at USARA Nationals in October 2-3, 2015.

And when they got there, they ruled. Congrats to our Rev3 Adventure/Mountain Khakis team of Jeff Woods, Joe Brautigam, and Michele Hobson for placing 1st in the co-ed masters division and the team of Greg Voelkel, Glen Gibson, Sarah Goldman for placing 17th (out of about 60 teams) in the co-ed division at USARA National Championships! We're proud of you!

The team as a whole has had a great year and we are proud of all of their efforts. Adventure racing is hard.

Want to know more about how to join the Rev3 Adventure racing team for training and racing partners? Go to Under the “Stuff” tab select “Contact us.”

Rain, Rain Go Away….No Way!

No matter where you live I bet one thing is for sure, you’ve had to train and race in the rain. There’s no need to be disappointed about the rain. Ultimately, you just need to be prepared to embrace it! That’s right! Embrace it! Lacing up in and trekking through the rain just may make you a stronger athlete.

Here are a few tips to enjoy yourself in the rain and most importantly, stay safe!

Wear Neon

When it rains it is far more difficult for drivers to see you. Plus, slick roads may mean drivers cannot stop as quickly. By wearing bright clothing or neon colors like neon yellow, pink, orange or green during the day you’ll be more visible than you would be wearing gear with reflective patches.

Layer Wisely If you're going to wear shorts, it's a good idea to also wear some compression shorts underneath to prevent chafing—which can become worse when your body is wet.

Seal Your Electronics To keep your phone safe while you run in the rain, look for workout gear that has inside pockets for your devices. And you might also consider shelling out some extra cash for a waterproof case. If you don't run in the rain often enough to justify the purchase, you can seal your phone in a closeable plastic bag.

Check Your Shoes Take a peak at the bottom of your go-to running shoes. If they're smooth on the bottom it's going to be very hard for you to run without slipping. To be ready for the rain, your shoes should have grooves on their soles that are deeper than one millimeter. If you want to keep your feet drier you might want to pick up a new pair of shoes that feature waterproof fabric like Gore-Tex.

Modify Your Usual Run A rainy run is not the time to work on speed and complete your sprint interval workout. If you're training for an event by doing a specific speed workout or trying to hit a certain time goal, it's better to jump on the treadmill because the weather will probably reduce your speed.

Warm Up To warm up after a wet, chilly run be sure to warm up from the inside out. Three great options are hot tea, hot cocoa, or warm chicken broth. The chicken broth helps to replace lost electrolytes as well. Most important, be safe, have fun, and embrace the rain!

Join us for a super-fun 5K Glow Run brought to you by Northwest Federal Credit Union! We’ll light up the streets of Herndon, Virginia at sunset on October 10. Learn more and register at

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