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The Winter Wildcat Rogaine uses Enabled Tracking again in 2023

Enabled Tracking will be back for the fourth year in a row to provide real-time GPS tracking and SportIdent ePunch timing for the Winter Wildcat, a 2-day Rogaine event hosted by TanZ Navigation to be held at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve near Glen Jean, WV. This event is billed as “up to 20 hours of map and compass navigation in the wilds of the West Virginia Mountains!”

“We are really excited to be back for 2023 to track and time this event,” said Mark Harris, lead timer and owner of Enabled Tracking. “We have watched this event grow over the past few years and the course and competitive field just get better each year.”

Harris adds, “The event location not only offers up a variety of terrain for the competitors but also uniquely offers excellent cell service in very remote areas, which is excellent for our real-time tracking services.” The camp has a dedicated network of cell towers that covers more than 70,000 acres to support communications.

“After using Enabled Tracking several years ago, we would never put on another race without renting trackers,” said Mark Lattanzi, Winter Wildcat race director. “It gives us a valuable safety factor as well as allowing friends and family to watch the event online in real-time.”

A rogaine is a competitive event in which runners find their way across open country with a map and compass.

More information about the event and links to registration can be found on the TanZ Navigation website at tanZ Navigation.


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