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Expedition Canada to use live tracking services by Enabled Tracking

Expedition Canada is a multi-day expedition race that kicks off May 23, 2023,

and will run through May 29, 2023. The event is in its third year and will once again work with Enabled Tracking to provide real-time tracking for the duration of this expedition race in the wilds of British Columbia.

Expedition Canada is a 6-day adventure race involving trekking, trail running, mountain biking, kayaking and canoeing, orienteering, and rappelling. Mixed, Male, Female, Young, and Masters teams of 4 must navigate their way, unsupported, through an arduous 580-km course that is only revealed to them hours before they start.

“Expedition Canada is an event where the remoteness of the course requires the use of satellite GPS trackers to follow teams. We take the information from the client-provided SPOT trackers along with data coming from our cellular trackers when they have service and mash all the information up so it is presented seamlessly in the tracking portal.” said Mark Harris, owner and lead tracker for Enabled Tracking. “This is the third year we have tracked the event for Hoodoo Adventures. The first year we went with just SPOT trackers. Last year we used a combination of SPOT trackers along with our cell trackers to give a high fidelity of information. This helps with geofence scoring and in specifying route choices,” Harris added. “We will use the same model for 2023.”

Hoodoo Adventures Race Director Nathalie Long commented, “We have been very happy with the tracking services from Enabled Tracking. 2022 tracking was exceptional, especially combining our Gen 4 SPOT trackers and their cell trackers. It gave us a really reliable tracking system."

More information about the event and links to registration can be found on the Expedition Canada website at Tracking links and all other tracking information can be found at


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