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Shenandoah Epic Pre-Race Logistics Outline Release

With just over two weeks until the Shenandoah Epic, we are sure participants are preparing mentally and physically for this epic adventure. To help with your preparations, we have created a pre-race logistics outline. It is a simplified version of the Rules of Travel teams will get at the start of the race. The location and course information has been removed, but the remaining information gives an idea of the different disciplines, distances, and transition areas. Distances and times are approximate and will vary depending on route choice, navigation skills, teamwork, and fitness level. Also linked is a sample map. It is the same style and format teams will be using to navigate through the course.

Click here for the pre-race logistics outline.

Click here for the sample map.

All other race information including the schedule can be found on the race web page. We will be sending out a final email the Tuesday before the race with any final details and information.

If you have not signed up yet, there are still spots available and an open spot (with one team member paid for) to the AR World Championship up for grabs.

We are really looking forward to seeing you at this amazing adventure.



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