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Become an ambassador for us!

We love adventure, and we love enabling others, including you! We’re looking for folks who are enthusiastic about our events, love outdoor adventure, and are adept at spreading the fun. If soaking up the outdoors on a bike, in a boat, or in muddy trail shoes makes you smile and you’d like to partner with us to help our family-owned business succeed, keep reading.

We’re looking for ambassadors who will help promote Rev3 Adventure/Adventure Enablers – our brand, our events, and our sparkling personalities – throughout their community using social media and interaction with others on the trails, at the gym, in the river, at races, at PTA meetings, and at the bar. We’d also love to see AR grow as a sport. You could help us with that. As an ambassador, your responsibility is to encourage others to race with us. In exchange, we’ll enable your love of adventure.

Ambassadorship is available to anyone who is interested in adventure racing, trail running, mountain biking, and paddling events, regardless of experience or skill level.

Click here to learn more and apply. If you applied before, please apply again! We have a limited number of spots, but we won't leave you hanging. We'll let you know by December 15, 2016... Let the fun begin!

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