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Updated ARWS Rules

INSERT 5.1 No information on the actual course or race route may be sought, prior or during the race, from any authorities, land managers or similar sources. Specifically this includes information from rangers, police, government officials, land owners etc who may know the actual course due to the permission planning processes undertaken by the race organisation. This is exclusive of general research of race location and is in reference to the actual race route. [RED]/ [DQ]

UPDATE 6.4 Intravenous Fluids may only be administered by approved event medical staff. Once intravenous fluids have been administered, that athlete may no longer participate in the remainder of the race.

6.4.1 Any administration of intravenous fluids by anyone other than event medical staff is prohibited. [DQ]

INSERT 6.6 Where the organisation provides an emergency communication device to teams that has a non-emergency communication capability, or teams carry another form of communication such as cell phone or radio, teams may communicate only in the following circumstances:

ADD 6.6.1 To inform the race organisation if they encounter a situation on the course that may be dangerous to the team or other teams, in the case where it is possible the organisation may not be aware of that dangerous situation.

ADD 6.6.2 To request non-emergency medical assistance or removal of an athlete or the team from the race.

ADD 6.6.3 To inform the organisation if your team is undertaking a deliberate and safe course of action in the race that may be unexpected, and potentially cause the organisation to initiate an unnecessary emergency response.

ADD 6.6.4 Any other communication such as asking for directions, if a checkpoint is believed missing, or other unspecified communication will be penalised. [BLUE]/ [YELLOW]

UPDATE 6.5 The SOS/911 function of an emergency communications device may only be used in a situation where a team requires immediate assistance for a serious or life threatening emergency. [RED]/ [DQ]

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