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Shenandoah Epic 26-Hour AR with New Bonus Features

Our Shenandoah Epic 26-hour adventure race is one of our first-ever races as Rev3 Adventure, and it has a special place in our heart. This year we've added some fun bonus features to an already fun course:

Ropes! But not just a ropes section that you hike to, rappel down, then hike back the way you come. No! This one will get you somewhere. This 100’ rappel offers some gorgeous springtime views (think bluebells and birds and bears),exposure, and an exhilirating shortcut.

Prize Money! But not just for the 1st place 4-person co-ed team. This year cash prizes will be awarded as follows for divisions with eight or more teams/soloists:

Division 1st 2nd 3rd

4 Person Coed $500 $300 $200

4 Person Male $500 $300 $200

4 Person Female $500 $300 $200

2 Person Coed $300 $200 $100

2 Person Male $300 $200 $100

2 Person Female $300 $200 $100

Solo Male $200 $100 $50

Solo Female $200 $100 $50

A Sweet New Packet Pickup/Pre-Race Brief Location! Skyline Ranch Resort (751 Mountain Road, Front Royal) has a big upstairs meeting room with plenty of space to spread out maps and strategize and a great view of the mountains you'll be climbing, a cafe, and on-site accommodations. Accommodations include chalets ($125, up to 6 people), cabins ($85, up to 6 people), and RVs ($75, up to 4 people.) It's about a 5-minute drive to the starting area, which will be at Downriver Canoe Company, as always. Visit the website or call 540-635-4169 ext. 1 to book.

To learn more about the April 16-17 Shenandoah Adventure Weekend, visit, and click on "Adventure Races." In addition to the 26-hour Epic AR, we also offer 3 other adventure races that weekend: Shenandoah Tenderfoot (beginner), Shenandoah Stron (8 to 12 hour), and Shenandoah AquaBlaze (13-mile trail run/trek, 13-mile paddle). Find your race, and we'll see you there! Feel free to email with any questions.


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