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Thank you for a fun weekend, Bartram Wildwood Adventure Racers!

Thank you all for coming out this past weekend! We hope you had a great time trekking, biking, paddling, and navigating around Wildwood Park and the Bartram Trail in Columbia County, Georgia. We’d also like to thank Columbia County for hosting, the Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers for letting us roam their land, and Augusta Outdoors for providing boats.

It was great to see all the Tenderfeet getting out together and doing things they may have never done before or in quite the same way, and the Strong participants definitely showed up with their guns out, proving who is Bartram Strong! The Epic participants did a fabulous job of navigating and competing in all types of weather, and they definitely got to explore a lot of this beautiful area. We are continually amazed with how much you all push yourselves and the amount of passion you have for Adventure Racing.

We took a few pictures on course, which you can find here. We have the results posted here. We believe most of the standings in each category are accurate, but let us know if you see something that needs adjusting.

We are always looking for ways to improve our events and welcome any feedback you have to offer. Please take a few minutes to complete the post-race survey here. Also, if you had a nice time with us, please consider giving us a positive review on our Facebook page to spread the fun and get more people involved and outside moving with their friends and family.

We have lots of great races—one to fit every adventure seeker. We would love to see you at some of them! You’re part of the Rev3 Adventure squad now, so feel free to use code AdventureAlum when signing up for a future event for 15% off the registration price!

Once again thanks for supporting Rev3 Adventure and bringing your adventurous spirit to the Bartram Wildwood Adventure Weekend. Hope to see you all soon!

The Rev3 Adventure crew

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