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Epic final prep

Here are just a few final reminders and details before we see you all at the VFW in Front Royal between 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm on Friday night for packet pickup and the pre-race brief.

We’ll have a navigation clinic at 6 pm at the VFW. Take time to review UTM plotting and map and compass skills with Dave Ashley, captain of the Rev3 Adventure/Mountain Khakis team.

You will be dropping bikes at the VFW after you check in. You will need to leave everything for the biking leg in the transition area at the VFW. You may also leave a 3-gallon zip lock bag or similar with any equipment, water, food, or other supplies. The bag must be sealable and waterproof. Do not leave anything in the transition area after you retrieve your bike during the race. Anything left in the transition area after you leave will be discarded. We will have bike pumps and tools available in the transition area.

There is a low-ish bridge you go under as you come into VFW. It has a clearance of 12’ 4”. If you have a high van that you put bikes on top, take care. It is also narrow and single lane.

We are keeping an eye on the river. Today it was too high to paddle. We rely on Downriver Canoe Co. to make the call on whether the water is safe to paddle. In the event that the paddle is canceled, alternate plans are already set and will be communicated during the pre-race brief.

The weather is looking very nice! Saturday is forecast to be mostly sunny and 78 degrees, with a low near 50 degrees. Sunday is partly cloudy and 64 degrees. Please plan accordingly.

This year we will be allowing teams to carry GPS-enabled devices that can record GPX tracking data and also send data out during the race. You can use any GPS device you choose. At the start of the race we will seal your device in a bag, and at the end of the race we will check that it has not been opened. Post-race, send us your GPX file and we will upload it into RouteGadget, a web site that will let you compare and replay your route overlaid against other teams and course. We highly recommend that you also have a backup battery pack with your GPS device so that it lasts the full 26 hours. Your battery pack and GPS device should be in a water-tight bag or should be waterproof. The bag that we will be placing your GPS device in is 6” x 9”. (This is optional.)

Any GPS devices found being used for navigation or routes posted by teams after the race that did not have GPS device sealed prior to race start are grounds for disqualification.

If you have any device that is using online tracking, like SPOT, feel free to send me the URL and I’ll get it posted to the race web page.

Don’t forget we will have a donation box for the Warren County Backpack Program at packet pickup. Your generous donations of kid-friendly, easy-to-prepare foods, such as canned ravioli, single-serve mac & cheese, applesauce, etc, are very much appreciated.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the Epic this weekend!


Mark Harris Race Director Rev3 Adventure

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