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Rev3Adventure Happenings for April

Rev3Adventure has sprung into spring with three straight weekends of fun events! We hope to see you at one of our Spring Thaw trail runs and/or mountain bike races on April 11 at the Greens in Willowsford or April 26 at Fountainhead Regional Park. And don’t forget about the Epic Adventure Race Weekend, which takes place April 18-19.

Nothing better than spending a day mountain biking, paddling, trail running or trekking, and soaking up the spring’s splendor in the great outdoors. Wanna join us on the trails? We’d love to see you out there. You can still register online at We’ll also have race-day registration for Spring Thaw events available for $50 per race. Registration closes for Epic races on April 12.

Need some inspiration? Click here or here.

We're headed South November 7-8 for Rev3 Adventure’s inaugural Bartram’s Wildwood weekend! Check it out.

Would you like to volunteer at one of our events? Well, then, you rule. Along with a shirt and discounted race entries, you will have a great time hanging out with some generally pretty cool people—and cheering along some even cooler ones. If you’re in, either email us at and let us know your availability, or you can sign up online.

Congrats to our Rev3/Mountain Khakis race team, who placed 3rd in the co-ed division and 4th overall at the Palmetto Swamp Fox 12-hour adventure race on March 14! Also, congrats to our Sea to Sea finishers in February!

Let’s see what Dash, Dennis Azato, and Dustine Reppuhn can do at the upcoming Breakdown and follow Britt Mason, Fritjof Pameijer, Jeffrey Woods, and Chris Meewes at the Epic April 18-19.

Protein for Runners 101

Last month we talked about the basics of protein. We covered why runners/athletes need protein in their daily eating routines. This month, as promised, we’re going to highlight how to figure out how much protein your body may need to tolerate the exercise you put it through daily/weekly.

It’s good to think about how much protein your body actually needs. It can be confusing with so much information out there about why to eat protein, how much to eat, and what to eat. Protein does help our bodies in lots of ways. It helps to build muscle, it helps us stay energized, and it fights disease.

If you’re active, you may need more protein than someone who isn’t. This additional protein will help replace the protein you break down during exercise, help you build lean tissue, and help your muscles recover from workouts so that you’re primed for the next time you hit the road. I always remind people: “Your workout is only as good as your recovery!”

You can prevent running out of energy or not recovering well by aiming for an intake of at least 0.55-0.77 grams per pound of body weight (aim for the upper end of the spectrum during times of heavy training and racing). This means that if you weigh 130 pounds, you’ll want to aim for approximately 72-100 grams of protein a day; a 195-pound runner will need to aim for approximately 107-123 grams/day.

Be sure to check back with us next month when we discuss good sources of protein(s) to choose and a healthy recipe or two!

For the health of it,


Vanessa Spiller is a Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer located in Centreville, VA.

The Running Store

Are you looking to run your first 10k, half or full marathon? Are you looking to set a new personal record or qualify for the Boston Marathon? If so, join us for our next Distance Training Program session.

Our 10 week Distance Training Program runs from Monday, April 20th - Saturday, June 27th. The group will meet at 6:30 PM on Monday evenings at Marsteller Middle School in Bristow and on Saturday mornings at 7:30 AM at various local trails/locations. Coached group workouts will include hill, interval, tempo and long run training. The program fee is $191.25 for TRS VIP members ($225 for non-VIP members) for the 10 week session.

The program includes twice weekly coached group workouts, a detailed training schedule that is modified based upon your progress and goals, educational materials on various running related topics and more! For questions, email Mary Davison or visit our training program website.

Many runners utilize this spring training session as a good way to begin building a base before the 16 Week Fall Half and Full Marathon training program begins on July 6th.

Click here to register now!

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