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Spring Thaw Kicks Off At The Grant

So we are probably looking at some wet trails and possibly rainy conditions for Saturday. Perfect way to start off the new season.

We will be holding the pre-run/ride tomorrow (Wednesday) between 5pm and 7pm. rain or shine. Please check in at the trailhead before going out on the trails.

For race day we will be running and riding at the Grant as long as the conditions are not dangerous, such as excessive ice or other trail hazards (not including mud). If this is the case, we will reschedule for March 28th. We will not reschedule if it is raining or muddy. At Willowsford, the trails are in a transition state because of the large amount of construction to build the community. Parts of the trail system will either be eventually relocated or have extensive work done on it when the community is finalized. Willowsford also has a dedicated trail crew to make sure the trails drain where possible and also make necessary repairs. Participants should be aware that this trail system is unique in this regard and other trails should not be ridden when wet.

Please check our Facebook page and website on Friday for any final updates.

If you have not done so already, please read back through previous emails and updates for all race-day information. They can be found on the Rev3 Adventure blog here.

Don’t forget, we will be having early packet pickup at Road Runner Sports in Sterling on Thursday, March 12th from 5-8 pm. This packet pickup is for the Grant race only. (Packet pickup for Fountainhead and the Greens will be on race day only.) This weekend we’ll also have race-day packet pickup starting at 8:30 am at the start line.

The current race rosters can be found on the race web page under “Who Is Racing.”

All racers must have a bibChip, which is attached to your bib. If you forget to wear your bib, we cannot give you a time or points toward the series. No exceptions.

During registration you will need to complete two waivers, one for Willowsford and one for Rev3 Adventure. Downloadable waivers are available (click the previous links) for you to review, print, sign, and hand in to make the packet pickup process run a lot smoother. (You may have already signed these waivers when you registered. If so, we’ll have a record of it, and you won’t need to fill them out again.)

You’ll be able to do a quick pre-ride/run of the course from 9 to 10 am the morning of the race.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

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