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Tenderfoot Adventure Race Series

Sky Meadows State Park (March 10 [new date]), Conway Robinson State Forest (April 8 [New Date]), & Pocahontas State Park (April 1)



You can do an adventure race! Our Tenderfoot Adventure Race is basically an off-road, all-terrain, high-octane scavenger hunt. It's perfect for beginner adventure racers and families of all ages--you can choose how far and how hard you race. And after this event, you're sure to be hooked! The Tenderfoot AR will be simple enough to learn and enjoy but challenging enough to be considered an adventure race. 


The morning of the race we'll give you a map with checkpoints and a list of "Rules of Travel." This gives you clues to checkpoints and tells you how you'll get to them--by trekking, paddling (when applicable, depending on the race), or mountain biking. Teams will have 3-4 hours to find as many checkpoints as possible. The highest point accumulation in the shortest amount of time will determine ranking. Once the teams have found all of the required checkpoints, they sprint back to cross the finish line.


We offer two "types" of Tenderfoot categories: Family and Adventure Class. The family team (with 2- or 3-person teams) must have at least one member younger than age 16 and participates in a shorter, easier version of the Adventure Class course. (It's still an achievement for teams but not meltdown inducing.) The Adventure Class (soloist or 2- or 3-person teams) offers a longer, more challenging course with a lot of optional opportunities to really have an adventure and hone those navigation and trail skills. Families will have 3 hours and Adventure Class participants will have 4 hours to complete the race. (Note: We have found that if the youngest team member is 13 or older, Adventure Class is a better choice, offering more of a challenge.)


You can race in as many of the Tenderfoot races you'd like! We've lowered the price so you can afford to race a lot. In fact, choose the Tenderfoot-a-Palooza and race all 4 for an amazing price! (No other discounts apply.) Once you've tried a race or a few in this series, join us at the Shenandoah Tenderfoot on April's our classic Tenderfoot! 

Sky Meadows State Park, March 10, 2018
Click here for the participant email for the Sky Meadows Tenderfoot.

This adventure race at Sky Meadows State Park, in a valley nestled between foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, will have you exploring amazing Virginia history and beauty just an hour from DC, half an hour from NoVA, and right around the corner from local wineries. You’ll take on the park via woodlands, rolling pastures, historic farmland, meadows, and forests. Please note that the Tenderfoot race at Sky Meadows has a later start and end time than the other races in this series (see "Schedule"). 



Conway Robinson State Forest, April 8 [new date], 2018

This event has been rescheduled to April 8th due to snow and trail conditions. Click here​ for the email.


Race around the woods on your bike, find your way around the woods with your friends and tackle the team challenge on a beautiful spring morning in suburbia. Minutes from Manassas National Battlefield and Route 29, this 444-acre forest in Gainesville is a fabulous forest of pine and old growth hardwood with miles of fast and smooth multi-use trails…perfect for an adventure!



Pocahontas State Park, April 1, 2018

Click here for the participant email with race-day info sent Wednesday, March 28. We can't wait to see you!

Who's up for an EXTREME Easter egg hunt? This adventure race will have you paddling on the 225-acre lake, enjoying mountain biking for all skill levels, and exploring the epic trails--all with a seasonal egg hunt twist! Just 20 miles from Richmond, the state capitol, Pocahontas is Virginia's most popular state park for a great reason! Come explore it with us in a whole new way.

See Who Is Racing

Click here to check out the Sky Meadows Tenderfoot roster. Click here for ConRob, and here for Pocahontas.


Sky Meadows State Park
Use Turner Pond Entrance off US 17 (directions to main park for GPS: 11012 Edmonds Ln, Delaplane, VA 20144)

Conway Robinson State Forest

13300 Lee Hwy, Gainesville, VA 20155 

Pocahontas State Park

10301 State Park Rd., Chesterfield, VA 23832


​The Tenderfoot is designed for beginner adventure racers and for families. Those who register as a Family will face a shorter/easier course than those who register in the Adventure Class category. If you have only one participant on your team who is aged 13 or older, you may want to consider tackling the Adventure Class rather than register in the Family category.

  • Two-person teams (Female, Male, or Co-ed Adventure Class)

  • Three-person teams (Female, Male, or Co-ed Adventure Class)

  • Family Teams (2 person, 3 Person) To qualify as a family team at least one team member must be younger than 16 years old and one team member must be older than 18 years old.


6-20 miles (depending on route choice)


The heart of a great event is its volunteers. If you have a passion for helping out and are interested in volunteering, we'd love to have you join the fun!  We have options for individuals, groups and families.  Donations to charities  are available.  Looking to complete service hours?  We can help you out with that too. Click the race location to sign up as a volunteer:

Sky Meadows Tenderfoot
Conway Robinson Tenderfoot

Pocahontas Tenderfoot

Packet Pickup

Packet pickup and transition setup will be held at each race starting area on race morning. During packet pickup the team captain must be present. Participants will receive buffs (race swag), maps, rules of travel, ePunch, and race numbers.


Sky Meadows Race-Day Schedule

10:30 am-11:30 am: Race packet pickup and transition set-up

11:30 am: Pre-race brief (Mandatory for all team captains)

12:00 pm: Race start

2:30-4:30 pm: Post-race food available

3:00 pm: Family race finishes/must be off course

3:30: Family class awards

4:00 pm Adventure Class race finishes/must be off course

4:30 pm: Adventure Class awards

Conway Robinson and Pocahontas Tenderfoot Race-Day Schedule

8:00 am-9:00 am: Packet pickup and transition set-up at the race start area

9:30 am: Pre-race brief (Mandatory for all team captains) at the race start area

10:00 am: Race starts

12:30 pm-3:00 pm: Post-race food available
1:00 pm: Family race finishes

1:30: Family class awards

2:00 pm: Adventure class race finishes

2:30 pm: Adventure class awards


Supplied Gear 

Canoes, paddles, and PFDs (when applicable); race maps; ePunch; and rules of travel.


Mandatory Gear

Mandatory gear will not be checked during check-in. Random checks on gear will be performed during the race. Penalty points will be assessed for any missing items. These items are not all inclusive of items you will need to complete the race. You will be out in the elements for up to 3 hours. Bring other equipment as appropriate to get through the event.At all times during the race each racer must have in their possession the following equipment unless otherwise stated in the rules of travel:

  • Pack to carry gear
  • Enough food for replenishment
  • Hydraton system (Hydraton pack, water bottle, etc. with capacity to carry at least 2 liters)
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn during the entre race (no bare feet or open-toe sandals)

While biking each racer additionally must have:

  • Mountain bike (mandatory for Strong) or any bike that has two (or three) wheels for the Family Adventure. The terrain will not be paved so just make sure your bike can go on hard packed dirt trails and gravel roads.
  • Helmet (CPSC, ANSI, or SNELL certfied)

When applicable, while paddling each racer additionally must have:

  • PFD Class III (provided by Adventure Enablers)

Per team:

  • ePunch (Provided by Adventure Enablers)
  • Race maps (Provided by Adventure Enablers)
  • Rules of Travel (Provided by Adventure Enablers)
  • General Race Rules (Provided by Adventure Enablers)
  • Fully charged cell phone in water tight bag. Ideally bring a smart phone so you can take pictures on the course
  • Dry bag or method of keeping equipment (cell phone) dry in the event of bad weather and during the canoe section
  • Bike tool kit and at least one spare bike tube


Registration fee is per team member.


2- and 3-Person Teams (Adventure Class, adults, non-family)

  • Opening Registration is $45 until 1/5 (Sky Meadows State Park), 1/27 (Conway), 2/3 (Pocahontas)

  • Early Registration is $50 until 2/2 (Sky Meadows State Park), 2/24 (Conway), 3/3 (Pocahontas)

  • Regular Registration is $55 until 3/9 (Sky Meadows State Park), 4/7 (Conway), 3/31 (Pocahontas)

  • Onsite is $65 

Soloists (Adventure Class, adults, non-family)

  • Opening Registration is $50 until 1/5 (Sky Meadows State Park), 1/27 (Conway), 2/3 (Pocahontas)

  • Early Registration is $55 until 2/2 (Sky Meadows State Park), 2/24 (Conway), 3/3 (Pocahontas)

  • Regular Registration is $60 until 3/9 (Sky Meadows State Park), 4/7 (Conway), 3/31 (Pocahontas)

  • Onsite is $70 

Family, 2- and 3-person teams (At least one team member must be between the ages of 8 and 15, and at least one team member must be age 18 or older.) 

  • Opening Registration is $30 until 1/5 (Sky Meadows State Park), 1/27 (Conway), 2/3 (Pocahontas)

  • Early Registration is $35 until 2/2 (Sky Meadows State Park), 2/24 (Conway), 3/3 (Pocahontas)

  • Regular Registration is $40 until 3/9 (Sky Meadows State Park), 4/7 (Conway), 3/31 (Pocahontas)

  • Onsite is $50 

Tenderfoot-a-Palooza (Race all 3!)

  • Families: $100 per person until midnight on March 9, 2018

  • Adventure Class: $150 per person until midnight on March 9, 2018

  • Soloists: $175 per person until midnight on March 9, 2018

Each registrant will receive a cool adventure buff on race day, and you can purchase a race t-shirt when you register online. If you have already registered and would like a shirt, just click on the shirt below, then click More, then Add-Ons. 

Paddle Section (When Applicable)

All paddle equipment will be provided including watercraft, PFD, and paddle. You do not need to bring any personal paddle equipment; however, if you'd like you may bring your own paddles and/or PFD.

Bike Section

Road bikes are not permitted. Racers must use the same bike throughout the entire race. In the event of mechanical failures, replacement parts can be used but they must be provided by the team, other racers, or an event official. No outside assistance is allowed. Bikes will not be checked for mechanical worthiness, but we recommend your bike be in good working order.

Race-Day Photos

We will have our volunteers out on the course to capture some great pictures of you. Click below for photos from the previous series.

2018 Sky Meadows Tenderfoot


Teams will be provided with maps to complete the course. Checkpoints will be pre-plotted. Additional maps can be used at the discretion of the racers.


Results will be posted here once available. We share pictures of the race on race day on our Facebook site and also on Instagram and on Twitter.

Prizes & Awards

All divisions will receive prizes generously donated by our sponsors. Awards will go three deep.

Post-Race Food

Info to come.


  • Liability waiver and photo release (Registrants will sign this when registering online. It must be completed by all racers before race packets are distributed to the team.)


We have posted an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions here. Please check this page if you have any questions regarding the race. If you don’t find the answer or need clarification, feel free to email

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Click here for information.

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VA Adventure Series

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Base Maps

Take a look at the maps you will be using during the race. Of course, checkpoints will be on the ones we will hand out on race day.