Bartram Wildwood AquaBlaze

Presented by Columbia County, Georgia

October 16, 2016


You don't need a mountain bike to have a fabulous adventure! For the Bartram Wildwood AquaBlaze, you'll start with a 13.1-mile paddle section on the Clarks Hill Lake (the third largest lake east of the Mississippi and also called J. Strom Thurmond Lake). Then you'll run or trek 13.1 miles along the southern portion of of the 110-mile-long Bartram Trail and in Wildwood Park to the finish line. We feel it's worth mentioning that the trail is pretty darn flat, carpeted with pine needles, and sports some pretty sweet views.

With this race format you’ll only need a pair of running shoes, water supply, and race nutrition. Sign up to compete, or just come out and enjoy a day of paddling and running at your own pace. Soloists and two-person teams are welcome. After the race, enjoy some great food and view the other exciting events at the Rev3 Adventure race site.

Thanks to Columbia County, Georgia for their generous support of the 2016 Wildwood Adventure Weekend, including the USARA National Championship and Bartram Wildwood Strong, Tenderfoot, and AquaBlaze!


Updates and pictures of the race will be posted online primarily on our Facebook site and also on Instagram and on Twitter. We have staff dedicated to posting updates and providing information on the race throughout the entire event. Friends and family will have a lot of opportunities to cheer you along throughout the course. We will identify good areas during the pre-race brief.


Click to view pictures from the 2015 Bartram Wildwood events.


Wildwood Park

3780 Dogwood Lane
Appling, GA 30802

See Who Is Racing

Coming soon.


  • Soloist (Male or Female)

  • Two-person teams (All Female, All Male, or Co-ed)


 13.1 miles of paddling and 13.1 miles of running or trekking



  • Super early registration is $80.00 per team member & $100 for soloists until June 8, 2016

  • Early registration is $90.00 per team member & $110 for soloists until August 9, 2016

  • Regular registration is $100.00 per team member & $120 for soloists until September 8, 2016

  • Late registration is $110.00 per team member & $130 for soloists until close
    This race is part of the USARA series. An additional $8 race day fee or proof of USARA membership is required by USARA and can be paid on race day or during online registration.
    You can reserve a watercraft when you pay for the race online. (Alternatively, racers may bring their own kayaks or canoes, paddles, and PFD.) 


Saturday, October 15, Early packet pick-up time and location information to come
Sunday, October 16, 7:00 am — Packet pickup/check in opens at race start area

Sunday, October 16, 11:00 am — Race starts

Sunday, October 16, 7:00 pm — Race finishes

Sunday, October 16, 7:15 pm — Awards


The heart of a great event is its volunteers. If you have a passion for helping out and are interested in volunteering, we'd love to have you join the fun!  We have options for individuals, groups and families.  Donations to charities  are available.  Looking to complete service hours?  We can help you out with that too.


Click here to sign up to volunteer.


Racers may bring their own kayaks or canoes, paddles, and PFD. If you need to rent a watercraft, please pay a $15.00 rental fee at checkout for each racer, and Rev3 Adventure will provide a kayak or a canoe and a PFD and paddles for each team or soloist.  If you provide your own watercraft, then no fee is necessary during the checkout process and we will have a staging area for you to drop your canoe during race check-in.


Supplied Gear Canoes, paddles, PFDs, race maps, race passport, ePunch, rules of travel.  

Mandatory Gear Mandatory gear will not be checked during check-in. Random checks on gear will be performed during the race. Penalty points will be assessed for any missing items. These items are not all inclusive of items you will need to complete the race. You will be out in the elements for up to 12 hours. Bring other equipment as appropriate to get through the event.  
At all times during the race each racer must have in their possession the following equipment unless otherwise stated in the rules of travel:

  • Pack to carry gear

  • Enough food for replenishment

  • Hydraton system (Hydraton pack, water bottle, etc. with capacity to carry at least 2 liters)

  • Emergency blanket or bag (Strong only)

  • Headlamp or small flashlight

  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn during the entire race (no bare feet or open-toe sandals)

While paddling each racer additionally must have:

  • PFD Class III (provided by Rev3 Adventure)

Per team:

  • ePunch (Provided by Rev3 Adventure)

  • Race maps (Provided by Rev3 Adventure)

  • Rules of Travel (Provided by Rev3 Adventure)

  • General Race Rules (Provided by Rev3 Adventure)

  • Fully charged cell phone in watertight bag (Ideally bring a smart phone so you can take pictures on the course.)

  • Dry bag or method of keeping equipment (e.g., cell phone) dry in the event of bad weather and during the canoe section

  • Bike tool kit and at least one spare bike tube (Strong only)


Teams will be provided with maps to complete the course. The trail will also be lightly marked.


All divisions will receive prizes generously donated by our sponsors. Awards will go three deep.



All racers will be required to purchase a race-day USARA membership for $8.00, show proof of having a valid USARA membership, or purchase a year membership ($35). Please bring exact change or check.


For local hotels: Comfort Inn (4071 Jimmie Dyess Pkwy, Grovetown, 30909) 706.496.3579  

Other Hotel Options - Click Here
Camping and RVs: - Click Here Wildwood Park:  3780 Dogwood Lane, Appling, GA 30802, (706) 541-0586 Mistletoe State Park: 3725 Mistletoe Road, Appling, GA 30802, Columbia County (706) 541-0321 Petersburg Campground: 3998 Petersburg Road, Appling, GA 30802 (706) 541-9464


The race will be held rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, the race start may be postponed or the course may be shortened. Please refer to the Rev3 Adventure refund, transfer, and cancellation policies for more details.


We have posted an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions on the Rev3 Adventure web site. Please check this page if you have any questions regarding the race. If you don’t find the answer or need clarification, please post the question on our Facebook page so that everyone has the benefit of seeing the answers.

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