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Welcome to the 2018 Adventure Ambassadors!

Congratulations to our 2018 Adventure Ambassadors, and thank you to all the applicants! We can't wait to learn more about all of you and see how you spread the fun and love of adventure.

Crystal Anderson

Mark Bender

Carol Cohen

Kelsey Corrigan

Christina Davis

Saleena DeVore

Misty Dion

Julie Gibbs Tashner

Glen Gibson

Bruce Gorman

Zane Harshman

Chris Klinghagen

Eric Kulikowski

Kimberly Liszka

Vicki Merchel

Sue Murphy

Barbara Niess-May

Ted Proctor

Jonathan Talarek

Linda Thoma

Jesse Tubb

Maxie Weisz

Rory Welch

Jennifer Werner

Darren Wrigley

Alexis Young

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