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Almost Heaven



October 7-8, 2023 


  • Live tracking with instant leaderboard

  • ePunch timing for fast, accurate results

  • Waterproof maps, two sets per team

  • Post-race food

  • Sweet SWAG

  • Boats

  • 24- trekking, paddling, biking, and navigating through the wilds of West Virginia.

SOLD OUT - With 50 Teams and 100 participants, the Almost Heaven AR is sold out for 2023.


Click here for the racer guide. It covers all the information you need to know prior to race day. The guide was updated on 08/29/2023.

We are excited to offer a 24-hour adventure in Davis, WV. Nestled high in the Allegheny Mountains, the race course will explore the diverse and rugged terrain of the Canaan Valley.

Over the course of 24 hours racers will cover up to 100 miles, navigating beautiful and challenging terrain while paddling, trekking, and mountain biking and picking up checkpoints along the way. The race will feature 30-40 miles of trekking, 12-16 miles of paddling, and 40-50 miles of mountain biking. Athletes will discover relics of mining and logging days gone by while conquering the natural features that make Davis a boomtown for adventure!

Participants will be capped at ~120 racers and ~50 teams.

  • Soloist

  • Two-person team

  • Three- or Four-person team


We are finalizing the design of the course, but you can expect:

  • 12-16 miles of river paddling

  • 30-40 miles of trekking

  • 50-60 miles of mountain biking

  • Super early registration is $275 per team member & $300 for soloists until March 31, 2023

  • Early registration is $300 per team member & $325 for soloists until May 31, 2023

  • Regular registration is $325 per team member & $350 for soloists until  August 31, 2023

  • Late registration is $350.00 per team member & $375 for soloists until close at midnight October 1, 2023.

An additional $8 race day fee (or proof of USARA membership) is required by USARA and can be purchased during registration. If you are purchasing 1-day membership, choose October 7, 2023, as the start date for your membership.

Registration platform fees also apply.


Friday, October 6, 2023

Location - Canaan Valley Resort

4:00 pm-8:00 pm: Packet pickup

Location - Trail Labs

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm: Happy hour at Trail Labs

Saturday, October 7, 2023

Location - Canaan Valley Resort

7:00 am-8:00 am: Late arrival packet pickup

7:00 am-8:45 am: Transition setup

7:00 am-8:45 am: Gear drop (Paddle Bag, Gear Bin, Bike)

7:00 am-9:00 am: Continental breakfast

10:00 am: Race start

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Location - Canaan Valley Resort

10:00 am: Race finishes

08:30 am - 10:30 am: Post-race food

10:30 am:Awards ceremony

Packet Pickup

Location - Canaan Valley Resort

To make sure your zen and chi are intact on race day, we highly recommend packet pickup on Friday night.

During packet pickup, you will receive race numbers, maps, and SWAG. USARA fees of $8 for a one-day race membership, $35 for a yearly membership, or proof of USARA membership are required during registration and can be purchased here or during the registration process.


Supplied Gear

Canoes, paddles, PFDs, race maps, race passport, ePunch, GPS Tracker, rules of travel.  


Mandatory Gear

Mandatory gear will not be checked during check-in. Random checks on gear will be performed during the race. Penalty points will be assessed for any missing items. These items are not all-inclusive of items you will need to complete the race. You will be out in the elements for up to 24-hours. Bring other equipment as appropriate to get through the event.


At all times during the race each racer must have in their possession the following equipment unless otherwise stated in the rules of travel:

  • Pack to carry gear

  • Enough food for replenishment

  • Hydration system (hydration pack, water bottle, etc. with capacity to carry at least 2 liters)

  • Headlamp with extra batteries

  • Whistle

  • Knife with a minimum 2.5-inch blade

  • Emergency blanket or bag

  • 1 long-sleeve wool blend or other type of insulated top (no cotton)

  • Fleece/wool hat/buff

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn during the entire race (no bare feet or open-toe sandals)

  While biking each racer additionally must have:

  • Bike

  • Helmet (CPSC, ANSI, or SNELL certified)

  • Rear light (must be capable of blinking)

  • A front light with enough battery power to last 12 hours.

  While paddling each racer additionally must have:

  • PFD Class III non-inflatable (provided by Adventure Enablers)

  Per team:

  • ePunch (Provided by Adventure Enablers)

  • GPS tracker ((Provided by Adventure Enablers)

  • Race maps (Provided by Adventure Enablers)

  • Rules of Travel (Provided by Adventure Enablers)

  • General Race Rules (Provided by Adventure Enablers)

  • Compass

  • Lighter

  • Fully charged cell phone in a watertight bag

  • Dry bag or method of keeping equipment dry in the event of bad weather and during the canoe section

  • Bike tool kit and at least one spare bike tube

  • Emergency First Aid kit – Teams may use the Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight 0.7 or build their own kit as long as the kit contains the following listed required contents. (8) 2x2 or 3x3 sterile dressing, (2) 3x4 non adherent sterile dressing, (1) conforming gauze bandage, (4) 1x3 adhesive bandage, (3) knuckle adhesive bandage, (1) tape ½”x 10 yards, (1) swift wrap elastic bandage, (8) 200-mg ibuprofen, (2) antihistamine (Diphenhydramine), (2) afterbite sting relief, (1) moleskin, (5) towelettes, (3) antibiotic ointment, (1) tincture of benzoin, (3) butterfly closure bandage, (2) pair nitrile gloves, (1) tweezer,(3) safety pins, (1) duct tape.

Paddle Section

Boats will be provided. Two-person and three-person teams will get one canoe. Four-person teams will get two canoes. Soloists will get a kayak. Canoes will come with single-blade paddles. Middle seats are not provided. Kayaks will come with double-bladed paddles. PFDs will also be supplied. No outside canoes or kayaks are permitted. Outside paddles and PFDs are permitted. Canoes, paddles, and PFDs will be located at the canoe put in. You will not need to portage the canoe for any great distance, and you will not need to carry paddles or PFDs when you are not on the paddle section. If you bring your own PFD and paddle you will not need to transport them. Personal PFDs must be class III (non-inflatable).

Bike Section

Any style of bike is permitted. Racers must use the same bike throughout the entire race. In the event of mechanical failures, replacement parts can be used but they must be provided by the team, other racers, or an event official. No outside assistance is allowed. Bikes will not be checked for mechanical worthiness, but we recommend your bike be in good working order. The course contains a mix of gravel road, smooth single track, technical single track, and hike-a-bike.  Choose your ride wisely. Front suspension is highly recommended. Full suspension will be quite nice to have. No eBikes.


There will be multiple transition locations along the course. Logistics and transition staging can be found in the racer guide here.


Maps will be at scales 1:24,000 with UTM grid markings along the edge of the map. Maps will be on waterproof paper. Nearly all points will be pre-plotted. You may have to plot some points using a UTM plotter at 1:24,000 to complete the full course. You will be required to navigate using various types of maps. Map and compass skills are necessary to locate most of the checkpoints. No GPS units are allowed. Teams will receive two sets of maps. Solos will receive one set of maps. Maps are 11x17 double sided. 

Who's Racing?

Who's your competition? Click here to find out.


The heart of a great event is its volunteers. If you have a passion for helping out and are interested in volunteering, we'd love to have you join the fun!  Volunenteer signup will be available closer to the race date.

Live Tracking and Timing

Click here for live tracking.

We're providing live tracking. Follow your faves the entire 24-hours.  Also, with SportIdent ePunch timing, you will get results as soon as you crawl across the finish line. Post-race, pore over your split times for at least a week. 


Prizes will go to the top 3 finishers in each division.

  • Solo Male & Female

  • 2 Person Male, Female, & Coed

  • 3/4 Person Male, Female, & Coed

Lodging & Things to Do

Looking for things to do or a place to eat while you or your fans are in town? Check out this handy area guide. 


Canaan Valley Resort (Start/Finish Area) 
We have a block of rooms reserved at Canaan Valley Resort. You can check availability, rates, and book through this link.

Camping is available within Canaan Valley Resort and can be reserved through this link. (

Blackwater Lodge (25 minute drive from Start/Finish area)
We have a block of rooms reserved at the Blackwater Lodge with a rate of $130/night. Call 304.259.5216 to make a reservation (this rate is not available online).

Camping is available within Blackwater Falls State Park. Reservations can be made at this link (

Blackwater Falls State Park sits nestled closely between the towns of Davis and Thomas.

Pre & Post Race Food

On Friday evening we will be hosting a happy hour at  Trail Labs where we want to buy you your first drink.  Come hang out with the competition between 18:00 - 21:00 at this super cool venue.  Trail Labs does not serve food, but you are welcome to bring your own takeout and hang out with us. On Saturday morning we will be serving a full-on continental breakfast to ensure you get an adequate sugar high and your energy levels up. A delicious post-race breakfast will be served on Sunday morning to help you refuel.


We'll have a photographer on course trying to catch you wincing, smiling with mud on your teeth, or trying to read a map folded to the size of a postage stamp. 

Waivers and Forms

All racers will be required to purchase a race-day USARA membership for $8.00, already have a valid USARA membership, or purchase a 1-year membership ($35) at the time of registrtaion. For one day memberships, select the date of registration for you membership start date.

Cancellations and Transfers

Click here for information.


We have posted an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions on the Adventure Enablers web site. Please check this page if you have any questions regarding the race. If you don’t find the answer or need clarification, feel free to email

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